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Rotating Phone Holder

Key Components


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Power Source:

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Recommended Software:

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3D Files:

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This is a simple phone holder that can rotate clockwise and adjust to different viewing angles. It was made entirely from ROBOTIS PLAY 600 parts.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1

Stack a 5x7 plate on a 5x9 plate

Step 2

Line up 5 2x2 L's around a 5x9 plate

Step 3

Create the rotation mechanism using a 2x1 hinge and 2x1 L

Step 4

Attach two 2x1 hinges on the edges of 5x12 plate

Step 5

Attach rotation mechanism to 5x9 plate with 2x2 L's

Step 6

Attach everything together by connecting the L-shaped connectors to the base.

Step 7

Attach the stacked 5x7 and 5x9 to the rest of the mechanism

Component List

3 X 2x1 hinges (yellow) 4 X 2x1 L (yellow) 7 X 2x2 L (white) 1 X 5x7 (blue) 2 X 5x9 (blue) 1 X5x12 (blue) 12 X blue rivets 18 X white rivets

Most pieces can be obtained from the PLAY 600 kit

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