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STEAMCUP INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

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STEAM CUP USA's mission is to lower the barrier of entry into robotics by providing simple and affordable robotics kits to students of all levels, backgrounds, and ethnicity, and inspired them to become trailblazers in STEM-related fields.


STEAM CUP USA is a branch of our parent organization, STEAM EDUCATION ASSOCIATION which was founded in Seoul, Korea in 2013. The main focus was to foster multi-talented people while emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics fields by using robotics. The organization has reached over 10 countries across Asia and Europe through it's STEAM CUP online competitions and currently holding International Local STEAM CUP competition in Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, and Korea.

In accordance with STEAM EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, STEAM CUP USA is a direct response to a national recognition to prepare students for the 21st century by focusing on STEM disciplines. This rising concern is directly related to America’s ability to maintain competitiveness in the global economy.

There has been a significant increase in new STEM-related jobs in recent years. However, there is a lack of preparedness in high school students in STEM-related subjects. Although there are several U.S. STEM organizations, only 10% of public schools have the finances or support to participate. 

STEAM CUP USA finds innovative ways to engage young people at an early age in STEM education while finding financial support to provide opportunities for schools and youth development organizations to participate in STEM-related programs. By eliminating fees that other competitions require, there will be less financial stress on schools, after-school programs, and parents to register students in STEM programs.


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