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The PLAY700 Challenge is an open themed, design-based challenge, that introduces kids to basic STEAM concepts using robotics design and programming while encouraging them to play and express their creativity.  

With this challenge, STEAM CUP USA hopes to incite participants in creating innovative creations that have practical applications with the modular PLAY700 kit.


1) Apply for the challenge.

PLAY700 Challenge requires participants to have the PLAY700 kit either through a sponsor organization or company, or independently. Please review the points below to know what steps you will need to take:

  • Have a Kit proceed to Apply Now below

  • To purchase a kit, visit our online store

  • For those who do not have a kit, you may contact for financial support.

  • Once your application accepted you, will receive an email providing you with the next steps

2. Build and play with the four example robots.

With the included assembly manual,  build the scorpion, race car, dog, and windmill.

Then, download the free R+ PLAY700 application and play with your robot by using a smart device.

Learn about the different types of sensors built into the motorized controller.

3) Learn how to program your robot. 

Download the affiliated software for free by visiting the Software page. There are tutorials on how to use them here.

To program your creations, download R+ Task (or its mobile equivalent R+ m.Task), an icon-based programming tool.

Those who are younger and need a simpler approach, download R+ SCRATCH to connect your robot with MIT's SCRATCH 2.0.

4) Design and record your robot.

Let your imagination run wild in building and programming a robot that has an application to meet a practical need. Be sure to use the motorized controller to make your model move and bring your creation to life using Scratch or R+ Task. 

When your creation is finished, create a Mini Movie telling us about your project.

5) Upload and share your Mini Movie!

Upload your Mini Movie to a personal YouTube account and share your project with STEAMCUP USA by filling out the Project Submission form. Please note that this form will be shared when your Challenge application is accepted.

coupon code

If you were accepted to receive support, the email will contain a coupon code and instruct you to proceed with the following steps below:

1. Visit the STEAM CUP USA Store to add a PLAY700 kit to your basket. Use the same e-mail address with which you applied.

2. Before finalizing your purchase, use the coupon code that was emailed to you. 

3. Congratulations! You are ready for the PLAY700 Challenge!

You will receive one PLAY700 Kit to your home!


Participants are judged based on the following categories:


Robot Design 

  1. Presentation

  2. Mechanization

  3. Creativity

  4. Practicality


Mini Movie Production 

  1. Video Content

    • Creator’s name(s), grade level(s), location

    • Creation’s name

    • Creation’s purpose & key components

    • Demonstrate creation

  2. Length (2 Minutes Maximum)

  3. Utilization of Props, Scenery, Light and Sound Effects, Music, and Costumes (Optional)


All participants will receive a PLAY700 Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the PLAY700 Challenge.


Winners will receive $300 credit towards the ROBOTIS store website.


  • Utilizing the Rivets and the Rivet Tool

  • Software Tutorials for R+ TASK and R+ SCRATCH

  • Other User Creations

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